Hantaviruses as zoonotic pathogens in Germany.

  title={Hantaviruses as zoonotic pathogens in Germany.},
  author={Detlev H. Kr{\"u}ger and Rainer G Ulrich and Joerg Hofmann},
  journal={Deutsches Arzteblatt international},
  volume={110 27-28},
BACKGROUND Hantavirus disease is a zoonosis of increasing clinical importance. A new incidence peak was reached in Germany in 2012, with more than 2800 reported cases. These viruses are transmitted from small mammals to human beings. The disease begins with high fever and non-pathognomonic manifestations that can end in shock and organ failure. METHODS This article is based on a selective literature search, on the authors' experiences at the National Referral Laboratory for Hantavirus… CONTINUE READING