Hantavirus infections in The Netherlands: epidemiology and disease.

  title={Hantavirus infections in The Netherlands: epidemiology and disease.},
  author={Jan Groen and Martin N. Gerding and J G Jordans and Jan Clement and J. H. M. Nieuwenhuijs and Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus},
  journal={Epidemiology and infection},
  volume={114 2},
A serological survey for the prevalence of hantavirus infections in The Netherlands was carried out on > 10,000 sera, from selected human populations, and different feral and domestic animal species. Hantavirus-specific antibodies were found in about 1% of patients suspected of acute leptospirosis, 10% of patients with acute nephropathia, and in less than 0.1% haemodialysis and renal transplant patients. Among individuals with a suspected occupational risk, 6% of animal trappers, 4% of forestry… CONTINUE READING