Hans Adolf Krebs (1900‐1981)…His Life and Times

  title={Hans Adolf Krebs (1900‐1981)…His Life and Times},
  author={Marion Stubbs and Geoffrey F. Gibbons},
  journal={IUBMB Life},
A symposium to mark the centenary of the birth of Sir Hans Krebs was held in St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford, UK, during September 13‐15, 2000. It was organized by Marion Stubbs, a long‐time associate of Krebs, and Geoff Gibbons, the head of the Metabolic Research Laboratory that was established for Krebs after his retirement from the Chair of Biochemistry at the University of Oxford. The speakers, from all parts of the world, were Krebs' friends and associates, dating from all… 
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