Hands-on workshops method in embedded electronic systems' classes


In this paper we propose an innovative hands-on workshop approach, which is developed to deliver classes on embedded electronic systems. Modern microelectronic devices and gadgets open new possibilities to develop innovative methodology of conducting classes that can be used even to the students with weak initial background due to the combination of theoretical and practical study directly at the lectures, involving the students in the active learning process. Examples of implementing the developed approach in several courses at electronics department are given and will be demonstrated during the presentation.

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@article{Rudiakova2017HandsonWM, title={Hands-on workshops method in embedded electronic systems' classes}, author={A. N. Rudiakova and Feliks J. Yanovsky}, journal={2017 IEEE First Ukraine Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (UKRCON)}, year={2017}, pages={1221-1224} }