Hands-free hook for endourological procedures.


We present here a hook that can be used to free both hands from holding the endoscope during endourological procedures. We made the hook from a wire hanger, and thus, it is a convenient, cheap and easy tool to make using this everyday item. As this hook makes the insertion of the endoscope into the urethra easier, it allows urologists to perform endourological procedures, which require the handling of biopsy forceps, a basket wire and lithotripsy probes, unassisted.

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@article{Ono2003HandsfreeHF, title={Hands-free hook for endourological procedures.}, author={Yoshihiro Ono and Kazuhiro Suzuki}, journal={International journal of urology : official journal of the Japanese Urological Association}, year={2003}, volume={10 10}, pages={561-2} }