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Hands-Off Spreadsheets

  title={Hands-Off Spreadsheets},
  author={Colin A. Kerr},
The wealth of functionality in the Excel software package means it can go beyond use as a static evaluator of predefined cell formulae, to be used actively in manipulating and transforming data. Due to human error it is impossible to ensure a process like this is always error free, and frequently the sequence of actions is recorded only in the operator's head. If done regularly by highly paid staff it will be expensive. This paper applies to those spreadsheets which involve significant operator… 


An Investigation of the Incidence and Effect of Spreadsheet Errors Caused by the Hard Coding of Input Data Values into Formulas
The development of an automated (electronic) means for detecting such hard coding is described together with a discussion of some results obtained through analysis of a number of student and practitioner spreadsheet models.
Spreadsheet Components For All
A "spreadsheet component repository" Web site, from which users can copy "components" into their own Excel or Google spreadsheets, where instead of subroutines, the library contains such components.
The Lookup Technique to Replace Nested-IF Formulas in Spreadsheet Programming
The "lookup technique" is investigated as an alternative to nested-IF formulas, its benefits for testing and auditing, and its limitations are described.
What's the point of documentation?
We give a brief characterisation of the purposes and forms of documentation in and of spreadsheets.
The Date formatting problem
  • The Date formatting problem
Spreadsheet Check and Control , Wexford Publishing , Ireland
  • 2005
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Interruption of calculation in VBA
  • Interruption of calculation in VBA
Spreadsheet Refactoring Proc. EuSpRIG
  • Spreadsheet Refactoring Proc. EuSpRIG
  • 2010