Handedness, criminality, and sexual offending

  title={Handedness, criminality, and sexual offending},
  author={Anthony F Bogaert},
  • A. Bogaert
  • Published 31 December 2001
  • Psychology
  • Neuropsychologia

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Adaptation and Sexual Offending
Agreement on the causes of sexual offending has eluded scholars because of an emphasis on studying proximate causes—as with crime in general, there are numerous variables that correlate with sexual
Elevated rates of atypical handedness in paedophilia: Theory and implications
A view of ambiguous-handedness as less pathological than previously hypothesized, and of a neurodevelopmental origin of paraphilic sexual preferences are supported.
Understanding Male Sexual Offending
Previous research has explored whether criminological theories can account for the apparently specialized behaviors of sexual offenders. One perspective proposes that criminals are versatile,
Intelligence, memory, and handedness in pedophilia.
Pedophilia showed significant negative correlations with IQ and immediate and delayed recall memory and was related to non-right-handedness even after covarying age and IQ.
Cognitional Impairment
Individuals diagnosed with a paraphilia disorder combined with ASPD demonstrated trends toward lower IQ scores than those withA paraphilia diagnosis only, and those with pedophilia diagnosis had lower scores on the RBANS Delayed Memory.
Neuroanatomical Substrates for Sex Offenses
Sex offending involves an inability or unwillingness to conform one's sexual behavior to societal standards, acting without consent or against the wishes of others, and often resulting in
The Neuropsychology and Neurology of Sexual Deviance: A Review and Pilot Study
Although fronto-temporal dysfunctions are sporadically reported among sexual offenders, the evidence is scarce and it might not be specific to this type of offending, and it is concluded that pedophiles were more consistently and severely impaired than rapists of adults.
Is Homosexuality a Paraphilia? The Evidence For and Against
  • J. Cantor
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 2012
The present article examined the question of homosexuality by comparing the major correlates and other features of homosexuality and of the paraphilias, including prevalence, sex ratio, onset and course, fraternal birth order, physical height, handedness, IQ and cognitive neuropsychological profile, and neuroanatomy.
Handedness in Pedophilia and Hebephilia
The results indicate that the rates of non-right-handedness in pedophilia are much larger than previously suggested and are comparable to the rates observed in pervasive developmental disorders, such as autism, suggesting a neurological component to the development of pedophilia and hebephilia.
Biological Markers of Asexuality: Handedness, Birth Order, and Finger Length Ratios in Self-identified Asexual Men and Women
This is one of the first studies to test and provide preliminary empirical support for an underlying neurodevelopmental basis to account for the lack of sexual attraction characteristic of asexuality.


Handedness in homosexual and heterosexual men in the Kinsey interview data
Results failed to demonstrate a difference in handedness, with both groups having rates of non-right-handedness approximately equal to establish norms.
Neuropsychological Impairment of Persistent Delinquency
Clinical interpretation of the neuropsychological test profiles revealed a greater percentage of abnormal profiles within the delinquent than nondelinquent group and a specific pattern of deficits implicating anterior dysfunction that was greater in the nondominant (right) than dominant hemisphere.
The causes of crime: Violent behavior and cerebral hemisphere function
Experimental support for the hypothesis that violent behavior is associated with left-hemisphere dysfunction is scarce. This study examines the association between crime, violence, and
Strength of handedness as an indicant of delinquent's behavior.
  • W. C. Grace
  • Psychology
    Journal of clinical psychology
  • 1987
The continuous measures of handedness proved to be more sensitive indicants of scores on a rating scale of conduct disorder than was the simple dichotomy of left- vs. right-handed.
Sex offenses against female children perpetrated by men who are not pedophiles
Previous research and clinical impression indicate two possible predictors of gynephilic preference among offenders against female children: (1) the occurrence of the offense within a father‐daughter
Handedness and Developmental Disorder
This book deals with a fascinating subject with wit and clarity and is not for the bookshelf of the busy general paediatrician, but would recommend it to those with a strong clinical or research commitment to the developmental disorders of children.
Failure to find statistical significance in left-handedness and pathology studies: A forgotten consideration
In the current controversy over left-handedness as a marker for various pathological conditions, a number of published studies have failed to replicate associations between handedness and various
Left-handedness: Behavioral implications and anomalies.
Birth Stress and Intrauterine Factors . Birth Stress and Left-Handedness: The Rare Trait Marker Model (S. Coren and A. Searleman). Non Right-Handedness and the Continuum of Reproductive Casualty (P.
Delinquency, sidedness, and sex.
Left handedness was positively associated with involvement in several forms of delinquency (including some degree of criminality) among males and other measures of sidedness among males largely failed to correlate with delinquency, however.