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Handbook of the Middle Byzantine musical notation

  title={Handbook of the Middle Byzantine musical notation},
  author={H. J. W. Tillyard},

Performing Orthodox Ritual in Byzantium

In this groundbreaking, interdisciplinary study, Andrew Walker White explores the origins of Byzantine ritual – the rites of the early Greek Orthodox Church – and its unique relationship with

The Textual Tradition of the Gospel of John in Greek Gospel Lectionaries from the Middle Byzantine Period

It has been over 50 years since the last doctoral dissertation on the Gospel of John in the Greek lectionary tradition. The present dissertation on the pericopae of the Gospel of John in the

El palimpsesto grecolatino como fenómeno librario y textual: una introducción

El palimpsesto grecolatino como fenómeno librario y textual Gracias a los últimos avances en ciencias de la imagen y a iniciativas tan ambiciosas como la que ha supuesto el proyecto europeo

Unicode Technical Note : Byzantine Musical Notation Version 1 . 0 : January 2005

Byzantine music is a cover term for the liturgical music used in the Orthodox Church within the Byzantine Empire and the Churches regarded as continuing that tradition. This music is monophonic (with

Zur Lehre von den Byzantinischen Tonarten

Da die Lehrschriften manche Sachverhalte des Tonsystems im Dunkeln lassen, empfehlen sich zur naheren Bestimmung der Tonartenlehre analytische Vergleiche der liturgischen Gesange, wie sie die

Supplement No. XII to the Subject Catalogue of the Joint Library

  • Journal of Roman Studies
  • 1936
Alexandria. Annuario del museo greco-romano. From vol. i (1932-33). 12 x gin. Alexandria. In Progress. Bucharest. Istros: revue roumaine d'archeologie et d'histoire ancienne. From vol. i (1934). i o

The Antiphons of the Byzantine Octoechus

  • H. Tillyard
  • History
    The Annual of the British School at Athens
  • 1936
The Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae, a series founded by the Danish Academy, are now fairly under way. The first facsimile, that of the Vienna Sticherarium, together with handbooks on the Ecphonetic and

Supplement no. XII to the Subject Catalogue of the Joint Library

  • The Journal of Hellenic Studies
  • 1935

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