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Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan, Vol. 1

  title={Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan, Vol. 1},
  author={Fred G. Evenden and S{\'a}lim Ali and Sidney Dillon Ripley},
Tibet and Its Birds, by Charles Vaurie. Witherby, £10.50. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan, Vols. 5 and 6, by Salim AM and S. Dillon Ripley. OUP, £8 each. Birds of Guatemala, by Hugh C. Land. Livingston, Wynnewood, Pa, $10.00. Although bird books continue to pour from the presses, there remains one huge blank, where we know almost nothing of the bird life today: China. It is therefore especially valuable to have a book on a small part of that huge and ornithologically almost unknown… 
Birds of the Indian Subcontinent
The Indian subcontinent is species-rich partly because of its wide altitudinal range extending from sea level up to the summit of the Himalayas, the world’s highest mountains, and its geographical position in a region of overlap between three biogeographic provinces – the Indo-malayan (South and South-East Asia), Palearctic (Europe and Northern Asia), and Afro-tropical (Africa) realms.
Nest plant selection of the Andaman Crake Rallina canning , Andaman Islands, India
A study was conducted on the nesting preference of Andaman Crake, a rare and endemic bird of the Andaman Island, on 151 plants belonging to 21 species and 12 families during the year 2004-2005, at
Status and distribution of endemic and threatened birds of the Eastern Himalaya in Sikkim, India
Out of 17 threatened and 10 near-threatened species of birds that occur in Sikkim, the results show that these birds are rare or their occurrence is doubtful in recent years and the principal threat to birds in the state appears to be loss of breeding habitat.
CEPF Western Ghats Special Series: Birds of lower Palni Hills, Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu
Overall, this study illustrated useful information on bird community in this region which serves as a baseline for future monitoring programs and the variation in the breeding season of some birds was noticed with respect to earlier studies.
During an INTERWADER shorebird survey of Ko Libong, Trang Province, South Thailand, the authors had the opportunity to observe the foraging· behaviour of two Crab Plovers Dramas ardeola, and it was suggested that taste could play a role in the choice of hunting site.
Eco-biology and conservation of potential insectivorous birds in the arable biomes of central Punjab
It was concluded that use of pesticides without studying their toxic effects is detrimental to these predacious birds and blind sprays should be prohibited and alternatives should be adopted to conserve thepredacious birds in order to achieve effective biological control.
Faunal Monitoring of Ahmedabad Airport as a Part of Bird-Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) Study
Received: 17/Sept/2018, Accepted: 29/Sept/2018, Online: 31/Oct/2018 AbstractAhmedabad‟s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International (SVPI) airport is known to have a high potential of bird-aircraft
Prey Preferences of Spotted Owlet Athene brama in G.V.I.S.H. Campus, Amravati, Maharashtra, India
Analyzing pellets of Spotted Owlet, Athene brama, shows that Beetles were preyed upon most heavily among the insect preys.
Animal diversity of district Karak, KP, Pakistan
It may be concluded that the families Cyprinidae, Ranidea, Agamidae, Phasianidae, Equidae, Bovidae, Libellulidae, Formicidae were very dominant in the district Karak.
An annotated bibliography of the research on marine organisms and environments at Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Without this knowledge, the ability to monitor, detect or predict anthropogenic impacts on marine species is severely restricted, and therefore limits the development of management strategies aimed at conserving the unique marine biodiversity of these islands.