Handbook of studies on men & masculinities

  title={Handbook of studies on men \& masculinities},
  author={Michael Kimmel and Jeff Hearn and Raewyn Connell},
1. Introduction THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES 2. Social Theories in Researching Men and Masculinities: Direct Gender Hierarchy and Structural Inequality - Oystein Holter 3. Men, Masculinities and Feminist Theory - Judith Kegan Gardiner 4. Queering the Pitch? Gay Masculinities - Tim Edwards GLOBAL AND REGIONAL PATTERNS 5. Globalization, Imperialism and Masculinities - R. W. Connell 6. Men in the Third World: Postcolonial Perspectives on Masculinity - Robert Morrell and Sandra Swart 7. Masculinities… Expand
Masculinities and Fatherhood. Perspectives from men in prison.
This thesis consists of a study whereby five imprisoned men were interviewed regarding their perspectives on masculinity and fatherhood. Drawing upon critical gender theory, masculinities theoryExpand
Masculinities in a global era.
Introduction.- Part 1: Theoretical Models: New Directions in Gender Role Conflict Research.- Will the Real Joseph Gelfer Please Stand Up: Multiple Masculinities and the Self.- Part 2: Masculinity andExpand
Hybrid Masculine Power: Reconceptualizing the Relationship between Homosociality and Hegemonic Masculinity
Most research on heterosexual interaction among men focuses on ideologies, discourses, and practices that correspond to conventional renditions of hegemonic masculinity. Specifically, previousExpand
Men, masculinity, and manhood acts.
In the 1980s research on men shifted from studying the "male sex role" and masculinity as a singular trait to studying how men enact diverse masculinities. This research has examined men's behaviorExpand
A Community Psychology of Men and Masculinity: Historical and Conceptual Review
The papers in this volume illustrate key themes of the historical and conceptual review through studies of adolescent and adult men as fathers, patients, partner abusers, support group participants and community members, and through examination of the impact of their gendered identities and behavior on health, well being, and justice. Expand
“Men Are Hard … Women Are Soft”: Muslim Men and the Construction of Masculine Identity
Based on data gained from semi-structured interviews with 30 Muslim men in Glasgow (Scotland), this chapter considers how men perform and construct masculinity in their everyday life; the meaningsExpand
Masculinity studies and male violence: critique or collusion?
Despite a more comprehensive understanding of male violence and an increase in interventions and punitive measures there has not been a concurrent diminution in men's usage of violence. There hasExpand
Climbing the Hierarchy of Masculinity: Asian American Men’s Cross-Racial Competition for Intimacy with White Women
Studies of masculinity have focused on the inequalities among different groups of men, yet they have failed to consider women’s roles in men’s engagement in various positions within hegemonicExpand
Recovering the feminine other: masculinity, femininity, and gender hegemony
R. W. Connell’s path-breaking notion of multiple masculinities (Connell, 1995) and hegemonic masculinity (Connell, 1987, 1995) have been taken up as central constructs in the sociology of gender.Expand
Middle East Masculinity Studies: Discourses of "Men in Crisis," Industries of Gender in Revolution
This article examines how everyday theories of masculinity and vernacular discourses of "masculinities in crisis" play crucial roles in misrecognizing, racializing, moralistically-depoliticizing, andExpand