Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion : Theory and Practice, Second Edition

  title={Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion : Theory and Practice, Second Edition},
  author={M. Liggins and D. Hall and J. Llinas and Erik Blasch},
Multisensor Data Fusion D. L. Hall and J. Llinas Data Fusion Perspectives and Its Role in Information Processing O. Kessler and F. White Revisions to the JDL Data Fusion Model A. N. Steinberg and C. L. Bowman Introduction to the Algorithms of Data Association in Multiple-Target Tracking J. K. Uhlmann The Principles and Practice of Image and Spatial Data Fusion E. Waltz and T. Waltz Data Registration R. R. Brooks and L. Grewe Data Fusion Automation: A Top-Down Perspective R. Antony Overview of… Expand
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Infrared/radar data fusion and tracking algorithm based on the multi-scale model
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New Multisensor Data Fusion Method Based on Probabilistic Grids Representation
Sensor fusion with Gaussian processes
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Multisensor decentralized nonlinear fusion using adaptive cubature information filter
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Feature Level Sensor Fusion for Passive RF and EO Information Integration
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Data fusion of radar and stereo vision for detection and tracking of moving objects
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