Handbook of Mathematical Functions.

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On the spectrum of some Bloch–Torrey vector operators
We consider the Bloch-Torrey operator in $L^2(I,{\mathbb R}^3)$ where $I\subseteq{\mathbb R}$. In contrast with the $L^2(I,{\mathbb R}^2)$ (as well as the $L^2({\mathbb R}^k,{\mathbb R}^2)$) case
Axisymmetric Stokes flow due to a point-force singularity acting between two coaxially positioned rigid no-slip disks
Abstract We investigate theoretically, on the basis of the steady Stokes equations for a viscous incompressible fluid, the flow induced by a stokeslet located on the centre axis of two coaxially
Primordial black holes from pre-big bang inflation
We discuss the possibility of producing a significant fraction of dark matter in the form of primordial black holes in the context of the pre-big bang inflationary scenario. We take into account, to
Ulam's Random Adding Process
Ulam has defined a history-dependent random sequence of integers by the recursion $X_{n+1}$ $= X_{U(n)}+X_{V(n)}, n \geqslant r$ where $U(n)$ and $V(n)$ are independently and uniformly distributed on
Reverse-time migration is based on seismic forward modelling algorithms, where spatial derivatives are usually calculated by finite-differences or by the Fourier method. Time integration is in
KMT coupling for random walk bridges
In this paper we prove an analogue of the Komlos-Major-Tusnady (KMT) embedding theorem for random walk bridges. The random bridges we consider are constructed through random walks with i.i.d jumps
Universality for conditional measures of the Bessel point process
The Bessel point process is a rigid point process on the positive real line and its conditional measure on a bounded interval $[0,R]$ is almost surely an orthogonal polynomial ensemble. In this
Moment-Based Approach for Statistical and Simulative Analysis of Turbulent Atmospheric Channels in FSO Communication
A unified approach for the performance analysis of the Log-normal, Nakagami-n (Rician), and Rayleigh statistical models is presented by deriving the exact closed-form expressions for average bit error probability and the outage probability of each model.
Attribute-efficient learning of monomials over highly-correlated variables
It is proved that the sparse regression procedure succeeds even in cases where the original features are highly correlated and fail to satisfy the standard assumptions required for sparse linear regression.