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Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications)

  title={Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications)},
  author={Roberto Tamassia},
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This chapter overviews aspects of graph drawing that are especially relevant to computational geometry that have important applications to key computer technologies such as software engineering, database systems, visual interfaces, and computer-aided design.
Laying out Diagrams Using Graph Analysis and Drawing Library-GRAD
An overview of the most important classes of graph drawing algorithms and the most popular open-source Java libraries that offer a decent number of their implementations are given.
An improved decomposition and drawing process for optimal topological visualization of directed graphs
A topology-based approach is proposed that decomposes directed graphs into subgraphs for different topological structures, builds a two-level hierarchy of coarse grained graphs, and applies optimized area-aware layout algorithms to draw them.
Development of Visualization Tools for Dynamic Networks and Evaluation of Visual Stability Characteristics
There is a trade-off between the user experience and the efficiency of the visual search, which depends on the visual stability of a dynamic graph drawing, which was used to develop visually stable metaphors.
Snapshot Visualization of Complex Graphs with Force-Directed Algorithms
The experimental results showed that KK, FA2 and DH algorithms cannot produce satisfactory visualizations for large graphs within the time limit and KK-MS-DS algorithm can process large and planar graphs but it does not perform well for graphs with low average degrees.
Rule-Based Drawing, Analysis and Generation of Graphs for Mason's Mark Design
A rule-based implementation of a tool to analyse and generate graphs in the domain of mason's marks that can be applied to any problem domain that admits a modeling as graphs.
Topological Decomposition of Directed Graphs
This paper developed and presented a new algorithm for drawing the complete graph based on the decomposition using and combining these layouts for topological decomposition and describes them on an intermediate level complementing the previous descriptions on the high and the low level.
Lower Bounds and Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Drawing Graphs
Galoois theory is used to show that many variants of graph drawing problems have solutions that cannot be expressed by nested radicals or nested roots of low-degree polynomials, hence, such solutions cannot be computed exactly even in extended computational models that include such operations.
Streamed Graph Drawing and the File Maintenance Problem
It is shown that a number of streamed graph drawings can, in fact, be done with polynomial area, including planar streamedgraph drawings of trees, tree-maps, and outerplanar graphs, if the authors allow for a small number of coordinate movements after each update.
Visualizing Large Hierarchically Clustered Graphs with a Landscape Metaphor
A graph drawing literature contains many efficient methods for visualizing large graphs, but for large graphs it is often useful to first compute a sequence of coarser and more abstract representations by grouping vertices recursively using a hierarchical clustering algorithm.