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Handbook of Automated Reasoning (in 2 volumes)

  title={Handbook of Automated Reasoning (in 2 volumes)},
  author={John Alan Robinson and Andrei Voronkov},

Topics from this paper

Guiding Theorem Proving by Recurrent Neural Networks
This work develops and publishes a series of sequence-to-sequence data sets that correspond to the theorem proving tasks using several encodings, and provides the first experimental evaluation of the performance of recurrent neural networks on such tasks. Expand
Reinforcement Learning of Theorem Proving
A theorem proving algorithm that uses practically no domain heuristics for guiding its connection-style proof search and solves within the same number of inferences over 40% more problems than a baseline prover, which is an unusually high improvement in this hard AI domain. Expand
A Consequence-based Algebraic Calculus for SHOQ
A novel consequence-based algorithm to perform subsumption reasoning in SHOQ, which support nominals and Qualified Cardinality Restrictions, and determines the feasibility of inequality systems by means of Integer Linear Programming. Expand
Counterexample-Guided Model Synthesis
In this paper we present a new approach for solving quantified formulas in Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT), with a particular focus on the theory of fixed-size bit-vectors. We combineExpand
Lifting Term Rewriting Derivations in Constructor Systems by Using Generators
The generator- based extra-variables-elimination transformation used in functional-logic programming is adapted to overcome that limitation, so that any term rewriting derivation starting from an instance of an expression can be lifted to a narrowing derivation. Expand
A Complexity Study for Interleaving Search
We study the worst-case time complexity of relational programs for the canonical implementation of miniKanren. We propose a model that breaks the evaluation time in miniKanren into several differentExpand
A Set Automaton to Locate All Pattern Matches in a Term
A new set automaton solution for the term pattern matching problem that is based on match set derivatives where each function symbol in the subject pattern is visited exactly once. Expand
A Study of Continuous Vector Representationsfor Theorem Proving
This paper develops an encoding that allows for logical properties to be preserved and is additionally reversible, which means that the tree shape of a formula including all symbols can be reconstructed from the dense vector representation. Expand
An Interactive Prover for Protocol Verification in the Computational Model
A framework and an interactive prover allowing to mechanize proofs of security protocols for an arbitrary number of sessions in the computational model are presented and a meta-logic as well as a proof system for deriving security properties are developed. Expand
Computing Views of OWL Ontologies for the Semantic Web
This paper presents a forgetting-based method for computing views of OWL ontologies specified in the description logic, the basic extended with role hierarchy, nominals and inverse roles, and shows very good success rates. Expand