Handbook of Applied Linguistics

  title={Handbook of Applied Linguistics},
  author={Alan Davies and Catherine Elder},
List of FiguresList of TablesNotes on ContributorsAcknowledgementsGeneral Introduction: Applied Linguistics: Subject to Discipline? Alan Davies (University of Edinburgh) and Catherine Elder (Monash University).Part I: Linguistics-Applied (L-A):Introduction to Part 1: Alan Davies (University of Edinburgh).Section 11. Language Descriptions: Antony .J.Liddicoat (Griffith University) and T.J.Curnow (La Trobe University).2. Lexicography: Alan Kirkness (University of Auckland).Section 23. Second… 
A responsible agenda for applied linguistics: Confessions of a philosopher
When we undertake academic, disciplinary work, we rely on philosophical starting points. Several straightforward illustrations of this can be found in the history of applied linguistics. It is
The redefinition of applied linguistics: modernist and postmodernist views
The lack of debate about what constitutes applied linguistics brings with it an uncritical acceptance of views that deserve to be contested. Moreover, it leads to an ignorance of the historical
Overlapping and divergent agendas: writing and applied linguistics research
An examination of discussions of approaches to writing enables one to critique them, but also to compare them with characterisations of different modes of applied linguistic work, revealing a number of possible gaps in research on writing and suggesting that the latter may have something to learn from the historical development of applied linguistics.
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  • Linguistics
    Studies in Second Language Acquisition
  • 2007
RESEARCH IN APPLIED LINGUISTICS: BECOMING A DISCERNING CONSUMER. Fred L. Perry, Jr. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum, 2005. Pp. xx + 268. $29.95 paper. As one might expect based on its title, this volume offers a
Australian applied linguistics in relation to international trends
Applied Linguistics is a diverse field, comprising a substantial number of sub-fields, sub-specialisations and related fields. To see that this is the case one need only examine the various hand-
Book review: Fiona Farr, The Discourse of Teaching Practice Feedback
Over recent years we can observe an increasing use of corpus linguistic methodology, and quite a lot of work combining corpus linguistics and critical discourse analysis has been done.
Applied linguistics research in Australia as represented through ARAL: Changing diet or smorgasbord?
From its inception in 1977 until its last year of publication by an Australian publisher in 2015, the Australian Review of Applied Linguistics featured over 700 articles related to applied
The L2 Development of Subject Form Variation in Spanish: The Individual vs. the Group
For half a century countless studies have employed the methods of quantitative sociolinguistics in order to describe linguistic variation and change. This field of research is known as variationist
Philosophy of Research in Applied Linguistics
The term “ philosophy of research in applied linguistics” may be considered to cover a wide range of academically and philosophically important issues that have recently begun to capture the