Handbook for Automatic Computation

  title={Handbook for Automatic Computation},
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Developments in numerical treatments for large data sets of XPS images
Empirical data include signal with superimposed variations in intensity of an unwanted nature. These signal fluctuations are of particular interest in XPS measurements when the data are partitioned
Developments and Trends in the Parallel Solutionof Linear
This review paper considers some important developments and trends in algorithm design for the solution of linear systems concentrating on aspects that involve the exploitation of parallelism, and considers preconditioning techniques for iterative solvers.
A history of MATLAB
Enhancements to the MATLAB computing environment have dominated development in recent years, including extensions to the desktop, major enhancements to the object and graphics systems, support for parallel computing and GPUs, and the “Live Editor”, which combines programs, descriptive text, output and graphics into a single interactive, formatted document.
Computing the sparse matrix vector product using block-based kernels without zero padding on processors with AVX-512 instructions
This paper proposes new kernels using the AVX-512 instruction set, which makes it possible to use a blocking scheme without any zero padding in the matrix memory storage, and describes mask-based sparse matrix formats and their corresponding SpMV kernels highly optimized in assembly language.
Computing selected eigenvalues of sparse unsymmetric matrices using subspace iteration
The design and development of a code to calculate the eigenvalues of a large sparse real unsymmetric matrix that are the rightmost, leftmost, or are of the largest modulus are discussed.
Novel approaches to the calculation of the electronic structure and dynamics of excited states : application to trans-di-imide and ethylene
The applicability of the SDCI and CEPA methods to the excited state of the title molecule is investigated. Two basis sets are used, one of triple zeta quality extended with diffuse functions and
REGM: A multivariate general linear hypothesis program for least squares analysis of multivariate data
Several widely used analysis of variance computer programs are now available for testing general linear hypotheses (Dixon, 1973; Woodward & Overall, 1974; Cramer, Note 1; Finn, Note 2). Each of these
Probabilistic Analysis of Aircraft Using Multi-Fidelity Aerodynamics Databases
Experiments perform a time-accurate maneuver simulation to demonstrate the ability of laser-spot assisted, 3D image analysis to characterize the motion of the satellite duringflight.


The principle of minimized iterations in the solution of the matrix eigenvalue problem
An interpretation of Dr. Cornelius Lanczos' iteration method, which he has named "minimized iterations", is discussed in this article, expounding the method as applied to the solution of the
LANING jr.: The MIT systems of automatic coding
  • Proceedings of a Symposium on Automatic Programming for Digital Computers,
  • 1954