HandCARE: A Cable-Actuated Rehabilitation System to Train Hand Function After Stroke

  title={HandCARE: A Cable-Actuated Rehabilitation System to Train Hand Function After Stroke},
  author={Ludovic Dovat and Olivier Lambercy and Roger Gassert and Thomas Maeder and Theodore E. Milner and Teo Chee Leong and Etienne Burdet},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering},
We have developed a robotic interface to train hand and finger function. HandCARE is a Cable-actuated rehabilitation system, in which each finger is attached to an instrumented cable loop allowing force control and a predominantly linear displacement. The device, whose designed is based on biomechanical measurements, can assist the subject in opening and closing movements and can be adapted to accommodate various hand shapes and finger sizes. Main features of the interface include a… CONTINUE READING
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