Hand rhythmic tapping and timing in Parkinson's disease.

  title={Hand rhythmic tapping and timing in Parkinson's disease.},
  author={Gilad Yahalom and Ely Samuel Simon and Robert Julius Thorne and Chava Peretz and Nir Giladi},
  journal={Parkinsonism & related disorders},
  volume={10 3},
BACKGROUND Dysrhythmia is one of the features frequently associated with the motor disturbance in Parkinson's disease (PD). The mechanism responsible for this phenomenon is not known. OBJECTIVES To assess the rhythmic movements of the hand in PD patients in general and in parkinsonian subtypes. METHODS Fifty-one PD patients (32 males) with mean age 66.3 +/- 9.1 years (6.6 years of symptoms) and 36 healthy controls (age 64.9 +/- 13.2, range 40-85) were studied. Subjects were asked to tap… CONTINUE READING