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Hand gesture detection in tests performed by older adults

  title={Hand gesture detection in tests performed by older adults},
  author={Guan Huang and S. Tran and Quan Bai and Jane Alty},
Our team are developing a new online test that analyses hand movement features associated with ageing that can be completed remotely from the research centre. To obtain hand movement features, participants will be asked to perform a variety of hand gestures using their own computer cameras. However, it is challenging to collect high quality hand movement video data, especially for older participants, many of whom have no IT background. During the data collection process, one of the key steps is… 


Hand Gesture Recognition for Sign Language Using 3DCNN
This study proposed an efficient deep convolutional neural networks approach for hand gesture recognition that employed transfer learning to beat the scarcity of a large labeled hand gesture dataset.
Long-range Hand Gesture Recognition with Joint SSD Network
A method, which is named Joint Single Shot Multibox Detector (JSSD) network, to solve the hard long-distance hand gesture recognition task, based on the framework of SSD and is able to recognize the hand gestures captured up to 6 meters away from the camera.
Real-time Hand Gesture Detection and Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
A hierarchical structure enabling offline-working convolutional neural network (CNN) architectures to operate online efficiently by using sliding window approach is proposed by proposing a lightweight CNN architecture to detect gestures and a classifier which is a deep CNN to classify the detected gestures.
Human Computer Interaction Using Hand Gestures
The design and implementation of a HCI using a small hand-worn wireless module with a 3-axis accelerometer as the motion sensor and a home control interface designed so that the user can control home appliances by moving through menus.
Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Deep Learning YOLOv3 Model
A lightweight model based on YOLO (You Only Look Once) v3 and DarkNet-53 convolutional neural networks for gesture recognition without additional preprocessing, image filtering, and enhancement of images is proposed.
Historical Development of Hand Gesture Recognition
This chapter discusses the chronological order of some fundamental approaches that significantly contributed to the expansion of the knowledge of hand gesture recognition.
Real-time sign language framework based on wearable device: analysis of MSL, DataGlove, and gesture recognition
A Malaysian Sign Language (MSL) recognition framework is proposed, which consists of three sub-modules for the recognition of static isolated signs based on data collected from a DataGlove, and which uses a template-matching algorithm to recognize acquired data.
Hand gesture recognition via enhanced densely connected convolutional neural network
Occlusion gesture recognition based on improved SSD
In tensorflow environment, based on the improved network model, the self‐occlusion gesture and object occluding gesture are trained in color map, depth map, and color and depth fusion respectively.
Robust Hand Shape Features for Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using Multi-Level Feature LSTM
A novel method is proposed by exploiting robust skeletal point-cloud features from skeletal data, as well as depth shape features from the hand component segmentation model in order for the multi-level feature LSTM model to benefit from both.