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Hand and Wrist Injuries Caused by Glass Cuts: Accidental or Due to Sudden Anger?

  title={Hand and Wrist Injuries Caused by Glass Cuts: Accidental or Due to Sudden Anger?},
  author={Ş. G{\"o}khan and Yusuf Ali Altuncı and M. Orak and Ayhan {\"O}zhasenekler},
1Department of Emergency Medicine, Diyarbakır Training and Research Hospital, Diyarbakır; 2Department of Emergency Medicine, Ege Universty, Faculty of Medicine, İzmir; 3Department of Emergency Medicine, Dicle University, Faculty of Medicine, Diyarbakır; 4Department of Emergency Medicine, Harran University, Faculty of Medicine, Şanlıurfa, all in Turkey. Servan GÖKHAN,1 Yusuf Ali ALTUNCI,2 Murat ORAK,3 Mehmet ÜSTÜNDAĞ,3 Özgür SÖĞÜT,4 Ayhan ÖZHASENEKLER3 Hand and Wrist Injuries Caused by Glass… CONTINUE READING
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