Hand Gesture Recognition for Contactless Device Control in Operating Rooms

  title={Hand Gesture Recognition for Contactless Device Control in Operating Rooms},
  author={Ebrahim Nasr-Esfahani and Nader Karimi and S. Mohamad R. Soroushmehr and M. Jafari and Mohammad Amin Khorsandi and Shadrokh Samavi and Kayvan Najarian},
Hand gesture is one of the most important means of touchless communication between human and machines. There is a great interest for commanding electronic equipment in surgery rooms by hand gesture for reducing the time of surgery and the potential for infection. There are challenges in implementation of a hand gesture recognition system. It has to fulfill requirements such as high accuracy and fast response. In this paper we introduce a system of hand gesture recognition based on a deep… 

Hand-Gesture-Based Touchless Exploration of Medical Images with Leap Motion Controller

A contactless interface based on the best recognition rate in order to facilitate the way of interaction with medical images in the operating room is developed.

Micro hand gesture recognition system using hybrid dilated convolution

A model GestureNet suitable for radar gesture recognition is designed by using the smooth pseudo Wigner Ville processing of millimeter wave radar gesture echo and the knowledge of hybrid zero convolution neural network in deep learning, indicating that the model has good generalisation ability.

An efficient hand gestures recognition system

An efficient system to recognize hand gestures in real-time is introduced and has been coded by Python language, PyAutoGUI library, OS Module of Python and the Open CV library.

A Comprehensive Evaluation of Moving Static Gesture Recognition with Convolutional Networks

Experimental results show CNN is robust and effective for static gesture recognition in the complex environment.

Kinect-Based Real-Time Gesture Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Touchless Visualization of Hepatic Anatomical Models in Surgery

A novel touchless interaction system for visualization of hepatic anatomical models in surgery using a Microsoft Kinect sensor as input device and a deep convolutional neural network used to recognize various hand gestures.

Robust Hand Gesture Recognition Using Multimodal Deep Learning for Touchless Visualization of 3D Medical Images

This study proposes a robust hand gesture recognition using multimodal deep learning to perform recognition using color and depth images and found that the proposed system achieves better real-time robust recognition than conventional methods.

Multi-Features Capacitive Hand Gesture Recognition Sensor: A Machine Learning Approach

This paper designs a prototype of a wearable capacitive sensor unit to capture the capacitance values from the electrodes placed on finger phalanges and introduces a feature compression approach derived from correlation analysis to reduce the complexity of the machine learning algorithms.

Use of Commercial Off-The-Shelf Devices for the Detection of Manual Gestures in Surgery: Systematic Literature Review

The field was still in the exploratory phase in areas requiring touchless manipulation within environments and settings that must adhere to asepsis and antisepsis protocols, such as angiography suites and operating rooms.

A Survey on Hand-based Behavioral Activity Recognition

This study examined the different neural network adopted for the recognition of hand-based behavioral activity to recognize six complex hand motion activities such as smoking, drinking, eating, typing giving a talk and writing with a pen in a non-controlled environment using accelerometer and gyroscope sensor signals acquired from smart-watch.

A convolutional neural network and classical moments-based feature fusion model for gesture recognition

An improved architecture that combines the features derived from the whitening transformed Zernike moments computed for each image and CNNs’ last convolutional layer and the library for support vector machine (LIBSVM) has been used for classification.



Hand gesture recognition with leap motion and kinect devices

Experimental results present a comparison between the accuracy that can be obtained from the two devices on a subset of the American Manual Alphabet and show how, by combining the two features sets, it is possible to achieve a very high accuracy in real-time.

Real-time visual static hand gesture recognition system and its FPGA-based hardware implementation

This paper optimizes the existing fingertip detection algorithms with the proposed essential constraints, which improves the recognition rate to 90.3% and the operating speed is improved significantly.

A novel finger and hand pose estimation technique for real-time hand gesture recognition

Vision-based remote control system by motion detection and open finger counting

Experimental results show that the shape of open fingers exhibits strong features for determining correct gesture states and the use of stable features on consecutive frames yields robust and accurate performance regardless of operating conditions.

Vision based hand gesture recognition for human computer interaction: a survey

An analysis of comparative surveys done in the field of gesture based HCI and an analysis of existing literature related to gesture recognition systems for human computer interaction by categorizing it under different key parameters are provided.

Feasibility of touch-less control of operating room lights

Implementation of an automated operating room light and touch-less control using an RGBD camera for gesture tracking is feasible, the remaining tracking error does not affect smooth control, and the use of the system is intuitive even for inexperienced users.

Gestonurse: a robotic surgical nurse for handling surgical instruments in the operating room

The development of a robotic scrub nurse Gestonurse to support surgeons by passing surgical instruments during surgery as required is described, which responds to recognized hand signals detected through sophisticated computer vision and pattern recognition techniques.

Real-Time Hand Gesture Detection and Recognition Using Bag-of-Features and Support Vector Machine Techniques

This system includes detecting and tracking bare hand in cluttered background using skin detection and hand posture contour comparison algorithm after face subtraction, recognizing hand gestures via bag-of-features and multiclass support vector machine (SVM) and building a grammar that generates gesture commands to control an application.

A gesture-based tool for sterile browsing of radiology images.

"Gestix," a vision-based hand gesture capture and recognition system that interprets in real-time the user's gestures for navigation and manipulation of images in an electronic medical record (EMR) database, is presented.

Melanoma detection by analysis of clinical images using convolutional neural network

Experimental results show that the proposed method for detection of melanoma lesions is superior in terms of diagnostic accuracy in comparison with the state-of-the-art methods.