Hand Eczema in a 22-Year-Old Woman with Piercings

  title={Hand Eczema in a 22-Year-Old Woman with Piercings},
  author={William Abramovits and Lisa C. Stevenson},
  journal={Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings},
  pages={211 - 213}
In mid 2002, we examined a 22-year-old waitress who complained of a 5- to 6-month history of painful, pruritic lesions on her hands, arms, and legs. The itch often disturbed her sleep, and her quality of life was diminished by physical discomfort and feelings of embarrassment. Lesions on both palms showed minimal vesiculation, moderate papulation and scaling, moderate to severe erythema, and severe fissuring and lichenification. Lesions on her arms and legs were less severe, showing only slight… 
Contact hypersensitivity after tongue piercing
It is concluded that tongue piercing induce contact hypersensitivity after using tongue piercing.
Overview of complications secondary to tongue and lip piercings.
An overview of possible problems associated with oral piercings that may be encountered by dentists is provided.
Overview of complications secondary to tongue and lip piercings.
An overview of possible problems associated with oral piercings that may be encountered by dentists is provided.
There was a difference of IL-1α expression between sensitization and elicitation phase of contact hypersensitivity induced by tongue piercing, which may be caused by the components of tongue piercing.
The Consequences of Tongue Piercing on Oral and Periodontal Tissues
Some possible oral hygiene methods that can prove to be auxiliary in decreasing the potential complications arising from oral piercing are being reviewed.
Caracterización de estudiantes de bachillerato que usan piercings en Cali, Colombia
RESUMEN Objetivo: Conocer en una muestra poblacional de bachilleres entre 6° y 12° de cuatro colegios de Cali, Colombia, dediferentes estratos socioeconomicos, las variables sociodemograficas que los
Le piercing lingual et ses complications : implications militaires
Avec plus de 100 000 actes par an en France, le piercing en general et le piercing lingual en particulier sont desormais un phenomene de societe. Avec des complications multiples, tres frequentes


Development of allergic nickel dermatitis from earrings.
Bank clerk's occupational allergic nickel and cobalt contact dermatitis from coins
A 47-year-old non-atopic right-handed bank clerk had worked in a bank since she was 16 years old, in contact with paper documents only, when she started to work with coins, and developed dermatitis on the palmar aspects of her right-hand fingers about 1 year later.
Rôle of ear piercing in metal allergic contact dermatitis
The data suggests that ear piercing is a risk factor not only for nickel but also for gold sensitization and gold was the second most frequent metal allergen after nickel in the pierced group.
Epidemiology of hand eczema in an industrial city.
  • B. Meding
  • Medicine
    Acta dermato-venereologica. Supplementum
  • 1990
A multiple logistic regression analysis revealed that the most important predictive factor for hand eczema was female sex, followed by occupational exposure, a history of asthma and/or hayfever and a service occupation, which was shown to be a long-lasting disease with a relapsing course.
Tongue piercing and associated tooth fracture.
It is concluded that a public health campaign in the form of health promotion and education is mandatory to ensure safe responsible piercing, and recommend that workshops, forums and educational leaflets aimed at the piercers, the clientele and the health care workers be developed in Alberta.
An unusual cause of gingival recession: oral piercing.
A case of multiple oral piercing sites and localized gingival recession as an adverse consequence is reported and it is emphasized the necessity and importance of professional dental/medical consultation before oral piercing.
Ear piercing, and nickel and cobalt sensitization, in 520 young Swedish men doing compulsory military service
Patch testing with nickel sulfate and cobalt chloride was performed in 520 young Swedish men doing compulsory military service and nickel/cobalt positive tests was significantly higher in 152 men with pierced earlobes than in those 368 with unpierced earl lobes.
Role of body piercing in the induction of metal allergies.
This study represents the first report that the number of body piercings has positive bearing on the incidence of metal allergy in men, and support the theory of coreactivity for nickel/cobalt, but not for Nickel/palladium.
Tongue piercing . . . The new “rusty nail”?
Cephalic tetanus is a rare form of the tetanus caused primarily by wounds or other infectious processes involving the head and neck. This condition frequently progresses to the generalized form of
A complication of tongue piercing
A patient with Ludwig's angina, secondary to recent tongue piercing, is presented and the management of the patients and the implications of tongue piercing are discussed.