Hamming distance and mobility behavior in generalized rock-paper-scissors models

  title={Hamming distance and mobility behavior in generalized rock-paper-scissors models},
  author={Dionisio Bazeia and J. Menezes and B. F. de Oliveira and J. G. G. S. Ramos},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
This work reports on two related investigations of stochastic simulations which are widely used to study biodiversity and other related issues. We first deal with the behavior of the Hamming distance under the increase of the number of species and the size of the lattice, and then investigate how the mobility of the species contributes to jeopardize biodiversity. The investigations are based on the standard rules of reproduction, mobility and predation or competition, which are described by… 
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Basin entropy behavior in a cyclic model of the rock-paper-scissors type

The results show that the basin entropy is another interesting tool of current interest to investigate chaotic features of the network simulations that are usually considered to describe aspects of biodiversity in the cyclic three-species model.

Predominance of the weakest species in Lotka-Volterra and May-Leonard formulations of the rock-paper-scissors model.

It is found that the relatively large oscillations at the initial stages of simulations with random initial conditions may result in a significant dependence of the probability of species survival on the lattice size.

Invasion-controlled pattern formation in a generalized multispecies predator-prey system.

This study generalizes a four-state predator-prey-type model and reveals an exceptional richness of pattern formations where five quantitatively different phases are observed by varying solely the strength of the mentioned inner invasion.

Performance of weak species in the simplest generalization of the rock-paper-scissors model to four species.

It is shown, using lattice based spatial stochastic simulations with random initial conditions, that if only one of the four species has its probability reduced, then the most abundant species is the prey of the "weakest" (assuming that the simulations are large enough for coexistence to prevail).

How local antipredator response unbalances the rock-paper-scissors model

Antipredator behaviour is a self-preservation strategy present in many biological systems, where individuals join the effort in a collective reaction to avoid being caught by an approaching predator.

Impact of parity in rock-paper-scissors type models

This paper aims to provide a history of Astrofísica and Astronomia in Portugal from 1989 to 2002, a period chosen in order to explore its roots as well as specific cases up to and including the year in which B.P.F. de Oliveira and R.S. Trintin were killed.

Adaptive Language Processing Unit for Malaysian Sign Language Synthesizer

  • H. Maarif
  • Computer Science
    IAES International Journal of Robotics and Automation (IJRA)
  • 2021
An adaptive Language Processing Unit (LPU) that allows processing the words from spoken words to Malaysian SL grammatical rule that results in relatively fast processing time and a good success rate is proposed.



Evolutionary Dynamics: Exploring the Equations of Life

This chapter discusses games in Finite Populations, fitness Landscapes and Sequence Spaces, and the evolution of Virulence, as well as the Evolutionary Dynamics of Cancer and Language Evolution.

An introduction to stochastic modeling

Stochastic Modeling. Probability Review. The Major Discrete Distributions. @rtant Continuous Distributions. Some Elementary Exercises. Useful Functions, Integrals, and Sums. Conditional Probability

“A and B”:

Direct fabrication of large micropatterned single crystals. p1205 21 Feb 2003. (news): Academy plucks best biophysicists from a sea of mediocrity. p994 14 Feb 2003.

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