author={Brenda Meldrum},
  pages={101 - 103}
Analysis of the literary adaptations of Hamlet to be used as teaching material in the classroom
  • Education
  • 2018
The reading of literary classics in the classroom is not exempt from controversy among teachers. However, due to its relevance in the humanistic formation of students and, in order to solve the
Revising Shakespeare: Demystifying the meaning construction of Shakespeare’s dramatic text for the pedagogic and performative engagement of the modern viewer
For the twenty-first-century reader of William Shakespeare’s plays, meaning construction is an active process. As part of the literary transmission, the reader is encouraged to decode the text in
Blind cave of eternal night: The work of mourning in Tagore's Play of Four
  • K. Mitra
  • Art, Psychology
    The International journal of psycho-analysis
  • 2018
A close and juxtaposed reading of texts by two of the most important writers of the past century, who wrote and revolutionized the authors' thinking about human minds and lives, throws new light on Tagore's novella and further proves the universality of Freud's propositions.
Ideologically-adapted Translations: Challenge for Adequacy, Need for Retranslation
Translation has always been regarded as the main channel for disseminating works of art, literature and culture. Throughout the history, Azerbaijani writers and poets have contributed to the world
The Dialogue with Hamlet: Paul-Eerik Rummo’s “Hamlet’s Songs” as an Example of the Existential Paradigm in Estonian Culture
The article demonstrates different meanings of the motif of Hamlet in the Estonian culture. Hamlet as a literary figure has been very important and influential, a symbol of will and a fighter in a
Translations of Shakespeare in Romania – going from local to global?
Abstract The paper explores the participation of translations of Shakespeare in the promotion of dominant political and cultural values in socialist and post-communist Romania. The shift that the
Masks, Criminality, and Implications for Security in Nigeria
Mask, in its various forms and shades, provides cover to its wearers. To a great extent, mask encourages anonymity, which, in turn, gives wearers immunity from public identification. This article
The goal of low self-monitors: To thine own self be true?
Title of Document: THE GOAL OF LOW SELF-MONITORS: TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE? Rachel Amanda Freidus, Phd, 2010 Directed By: Dr. Harold Sigall, Department of Psychology Traditionally, low self-monitors