Hamiltonian modelling of macro-economic urban dynamics

  title={Hamiltonian modelling of macro-economic urban dynamics},
  author={Bernardo Monechi and Miguel Ib{\'a}{\~n}ez-Berganza and Vittorio Loreto},
  journal={Royal Society Open Science},
The rapid urbanization makes the understanding of the evolution of urban environments of utmost importance to steer societies towards better futures. Many studies have focused on the emerging properties of cities, leading to the discovery of scaling laws mirroring the dependence of socio-economic indicators on city sizes. However, few efforts have been devoted to the modelling of the dynamical evolution of cities, as reflected through the mutual influence of socio-economic variables. Here, we… 

Finding successful strategies in a complex urban sustainability game.

This work presents a novel, open-ended experiment where individuals had the opportunity to solve model urban sustainability problems in a purposeful game and contends that this kind of what-if platforms could have a crucial role in future approaches to sustainable developments goals.

Italian Twitter semantic network during the Covid-19 epidemic

The semantic network observed on Twitter during the first Italian lockdown (induced by the hashtags contained in approximately 1.5 millions tweets published between the 23rd of March 2020 and the 23th of April 2020) is analyzed and the extent to which various discursive communities are exposed to d/misinformation arguments is studied.

Unsupervised inference approach to facial attractiveness

The high prediction accuracy of the subjects’ gender suggests that much relevant information regarding the subjects may influence (and be elicited from) their facial preference criteria, in agreement with the multiple motive theory of attractiveness proposed in previous works.



Very Fast EM-Based Mixture Model Clustering Using Multiresolution Kd-Trees

A new algorithm is presented, based on the multiresolution kd-trees of [5], which dramatically reduces the cost of EM-based clustering, with savings rising linearly with the number of datapoints.

Chronic performance of a leadless cardiac pacemaker: 1-year follow-up of the LEADLESS trial.

Oestro g en and essential laity acid supplementation corrects bone loss due to ovarmectomy in the female Sprague Dawley rat , Prostaglandins Leukot

  • Essent . Fatty Acids
  • 1999

Fibroblasts play a regulatory role in the control of pigmentation in reconstructed human skin from skin types I and II.

Investigation to what extent melanocytes within a reconstructed skin model are sensitive to regulation by dermal fibroblasts, basement membrane (BM) proteins and the addition of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH).

Spectral modeling of turbulent flows and the role of helicity.

A version of a dynamical spectral model for large eddy simulation based on the eddy damped quasinormal Markovian approximation, which allows for simulations of flows for a variety of circumstances and a priori at any given Reynolds number.


  • Jan Ostoj
  • ASEJ Scientific Journal of Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law
  • 2020
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The interpretation of urban scaling analysis in time

It is shown how two equivalent approaches to urban scaling—cross-sectional and temporal—lead to the measurement of different mixtures of the same fundamental parameters describing pure scale and pure temporal phenomena, leading to instabilities and infinite divergences.

Scaling trajectories of cities

  • Marc Keuschnigg
  • Economics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 2019
This work uses geocoded microdata to approximate the city-size effect on per capita wage in 73 Swedish labor market areas for 1990–2012 and finds that the data support a superlinear scaling regime for all Swedish agglomerations.

Cities in Disequilibrium

Our perceptions of cities until quite recently were that they were largely stable in spatial structure over long periods of time, decades, even centuries, and that this suggested that they were in

Alteration of caliber spectrum, numerical and area density associated with myelinated and unmyelinated axons in the vagus nerve of the ketonuric diabetic Chinese hamster

  • Diabetes 30,
  • 1981