Hamiltonian Structures for the Generalized Dispersionless KdV Hierarchy

  title={Hamiltonian Structures for the Generalized Dispersionless KdV Hierarchy},
  author={J. C. Brunelli},
  journal={Reviews in Mathematical Physics},
  • J. C. Brunelli
  • Published 5 January 1996
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Reviews in Mathematical Physics
We study from a Hamiltonian point of view the generalized dispersionless KdV hierarchy of equations. From the so-called dispersionless Lax representation of these equations we obtain three compatible Hamiltonian structures. The second and third Hamiltonian structures are calculated directly from the r-matrix approach. Since the third structure is not related recursively with the first two the generalized dispersionless KdV hierarchy can be characterized as a truly tri-Hamiltonian system. 
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