Hamilton Cycles that Extend Transposition Matchings in Cayley Graphs of Sn

  title={Hamilton Cycles that Extend Transposition Matchings in Cayley Graphs of Sn},
  author={Frank Ruskey and Carla D. Savage},
  journal={SIAM J. Discrete Math.},
Let B be a basis of transpositions for Sn and let Cay B Sn be the Cayley graph of Sn with respect to B It was shown by Kompel makher and Liskovets that Cay B Sn is hamiltonian We extend this result as follows Note that ev ery transposition b in B induces a perfect matchingMb in Cay B Sn We show here when n that for any b B there is a Hamilton cycle in Cay B Sn which includes every edge of Mb That is for n for any basis B of trans positions of Sn and for any b B it is possible to generate all… CONTINUE READING

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