Hamartoma of the urachal remnant.


A case of urachal hamartoma occurred in the urinary bladder of a 45-year-old woman, whose presenting symptoms were frequent urination and nocturia. Computed tomographic and contrast radiologic examinations demonstrated a broad-based 5-cm polypoid mass at the dome of the bladder. Grossly the polypoid mass was smooth surfaced and covered by innocent transitional epithelium. The mass and the underlying bladder wall consisted of multiple cystic cavities of various sizes and hyperplastic smooth-muscle bundles. Light microscopy identified numerous tubuloglandular structures, most of them lined by transitional cell epithelium. Simple or ciliated columnar cells and occasional mucous cells were also present, particularly in the epithelium of cystic cavities. Some tubules had communicated with the bladder lumen. Hamartoma of the urachal remnant should be included in the differential diagnosis of urachal and bladder tumors.

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