Halothane anaesthesia of normal and dystrophic hamsters.

  title={Halothane anaesthesia of normal and dystrophic hamsters.},
  author={James Carvell and Peter J. Stoward},
  journal={Laboratory animals},
  volume={9 4},
Induction, carried out in a small clear-plastic box with 3-5% (v/v) halothane in 30:70 (v/v) oxygen: nitrous oxide, was quiet and rapid. Recovery was almost instantaneous. 2% halothane in the oxygen-nitrous oxide mixture was sufficient for maintenance anaesthesia. The anaesthetic mixture was given by face mask in an open circuit specially designed to function at low gas-flow rates. The halothane content of the muscle and blood after 25 min anaesthesia was estimated by gas chromatography of n… CONTINUE READING

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