Halogen- and hydrogen-bonding catenanes for halide-anion recognition.

  title={Halogen- and hydrogen-bonding catenanes for halide-anion recognition.},
  author={Lydia C Gilday and Paul D Beer},
  volume={20 27},
Halogen-bonding (XB) interactions were exploited in the solution-phase assembly of anion-templated pseudorotaxanes between an isophthalamide-containing macrocycle and bromo- or iodo-functionalised pyridinium threading components. (1)H NMR spectroscopic titration investigations demonstrated that such XB interpenetrated assemblies are more stable than analogous hydrogen bonding (HB) pseudorotaxanes. The stability of the anion-templated halogen-bonded pseudorotaxane architectures was exploited in… CONTINUE READING