Hallucinations, REM sleep, and Parkinson's disease: a medical hypothesis.

  title={Hallucinations, REM sleep, and Parkinson's disease: a medical hypothesis.},
  author={Isabelle Arnulf and Anne Marie Bonnet and Philipe Damier and B P Bejjani and Danielle Seilhean and Jean Philippe Derenne and Yves Agid},
  volume={55 2},
BACKGROUND Patients with PD can have disabling visual hallucinations associated with dopaminergic therapy. Sleep disorders, including vivid dreams and REM sleep with motor behaviors (RBD), are frequent in these patients. METHODS The association of hallucinations and REM sleep both at night and during the day was examined in 10 consecutive nondemented patients with long-standing levodopa-responsive PD and hallucinations. Seven patients presented with paranoia and paranoid delusions. Overnight… CONTINUE READING
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