Halide Re-Shelled Quantum Dot Inks for Infrared Photovoltaics.

  title={Halide Re-Shelled Quantum Dot Inks for Infrared Photovoltaics.},
  author={James Z Fan and Mengxia Liu and Oleksandr Voznyy and Bin Sun and Larissa Levina and Rafael Quintero-Bermudez and Min Liu and Olivier Ouellette and F Pelayo Garc{\'i}a de Arquer and Sjoerd Hoogland and Edward H. Sargent},
  journal={ACS applied materials & interfaces},
  volume={9 43},
Colloidal quantum dots are promising materials for tandem solar cells that complement silicon and perovskites. These devices are fabricated from solution phase; however, existing methods for making infrared-bandgap CQD inks suffer agglomeration and fusion during solution exchange. Here we develop a ligand exchange that provides robust surface protection and… CONTINUE READING