Half-space kinetic equations with general boundary conditions

  title={Half-space kinetic equations with general boundary conditions},
  author={Qin Li and J. Lu and W. Sun},
  journal={Math. Comput.},
  • Qin Li, J. Lu, W. Sun
  • Published 2017
  • Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
  • Math. Comput.
We study half-space linear kinetic equations with general boundary conditions that consist of both given incoming data and various type of reflections, extending our previous work [LLS14] on half-space equations with incoming boundary conditions. As in [LLS14], the main technique is a damping adding-removing procedure. We establish the well-posedness of linear (or linearized) half-space equations with general boundary conditions and quasi-optimality of the numerical scheme. The numerical method… Expand
Validity and Regularization of Classical Half-Space Equations
Recent result (Wu and Guo in Commun Math Phys 336(3):1473–1553, 2015) has shown that over the 2D unit disk, the classical half-space equation (CHS) for the neutron transport does not capture theExpand
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Asymptotic preserving and time diminishing schemes for rarefied gas dynamic
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An Asymptotic Preserving Method for Transport Equations with Oscillatory Scattering Coefficients
  • Qin Li, J. Lu
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Multiscale Model. Simul.
  • 2017
A numerical scheme for transport equations with oscillatory periodic scattering coefficients that captures the homogenization limit as the length scale of the scattering coefficient goes to zero and is analyzed in the asymptotic regime, as well as validated numerically. Expand
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Geometric Correction in Diffusive Limit of Neutron Transport Equation in 2D Convex Domains
Consider the steady neutron transport equation with diffusive boundary condition. In Wu and Guo (Commun Math Phys 336:1473–1553, 2015) and Wu et al. (J Stat Phys 165:585–644, 2016), it was discoveredExpand


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