Half-QWERTY: typing with one hand using your two-handed skills

  title={Half-QWERTY: typing with one hand using your two-handed skills},
  author={Edgar Matias and I. MacKenzie and W. Buxton},
  booktitle={CHI '94},
Half-QWERTY is a new one-handed typing technique, designed to facilitate the transfer of two-handed typing skill to the one-handed condition, It is performed on a standard keyboard (with modified software), or a special half keyboard (with full-sized keys). Experiments have shown [2] that it is possible for QWERTY touch-typists to achieve high one-handed typing rates (40+ wpm) in a relatively short period of time (<10 hr) using the HalfQWERTY technique. These speeds are 2-3 times the rates… Expand
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