Hairy and Emc negatively regulate morphogenetic furrow progression in the drosophila eye

  title={Hairy and Emc negatively regulate morphogenetic furrow progression in the drosophila eye},
  author={Nadean L Brown and Carol A. Sattler and Stephen W. Paddock and Sean B. Carroll},
The initial steps of pattern formation in the developing Drosophila eye involve the coordination of cell cycles, changes in cell shape, and the specification of the R8 photoreceptor cell. These events begin several cell rows ahead of the morphogenetic furrow and are positively regulated by secreted signaling proteins and the proneural HLH transcription factor atonal (ato). Two HLH regulatory proteins that function to suppress neuronal development in other tissues, extra macrochaetae (emc) and… CONTINUE READING
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