Haemostatic effect of methanolic stem bark extract of anacardium occidentale L. in male albino rats

  title={Haemostatic effect of methanolic stem bark extract of anacardium occidentale L. in male albino rats},
  author={Ds Arokoyo and Olubayode Bamidele and L Babatunde and Oluwafemi Rufus Adebisi},
Anacardium occidentale L. stem bark has been reported locally to stop tooth bleeding. However, scientific report on this assertion is relatively scanty. This study was therefore conducted to scientifically investigate the possible haemostatic effect of methanolic stem bark extract of Anacardium occidentale L. using albino rat as a model. Twenty four (24) albino rats weighing 110 to 160 g were divided into four groups of six (6) rats each. Control group received 10 ml/kg of vehicle (normal… 

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