Haemorrhagic diathesis in neonatal calves: an emerging syndrome in Europe.

  title={Haemorrhagic diathesis in neonatal calves: an emerging syndrome in Europe.},
  author={Bart Pardon and Lennert Steukers and Jan Dierick and Richard Ducatelle and V Saey and Sofie Maes and Griet Vercauteren and Kris E. De Clercq and Jozefien Callens and Koen De Bleecker and P. P. Deprez},
  journal={Transboundary and emerging diseases},
  volume={57 3},
In 2008 and 2009 a large number of cases of haemorrhagic diathesis (HD) in neonatal calves were reported in different European countries. In Flanders, 84 cases of neonatal HD in 30 herds were reported in this period. The disease typically affects calves younger than 1 month old from different breed and gender. Prominent clinical signs are cutaneous bleeding, petechiae on all mucosae, melena and often high fever. Early in the disease, the mental state of the animals is uncompromised. The typical… CONTINUE READING
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