Haemolytic properties of some water-soluble para-sulphonato-calix-[n]-arenes.


In this paper, we describe the haemolytic effect of parent para-sulphonato-calix-[n]-arenes and their derivatives bearing one pendant group at the lower rim of calix-arene towards human erythrocytes. A maximum of 30% of haemolysis has been observed for para-sulphonato-calix-[8]-arene for a concentration of 200 mM representing 300 g of calix-arene per liter… (More)


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@article{Silva2004HaemolyticPO, title={Haemolytic properties of some water-soluble para-sulphonato-calix-[n]-arenes.}, author={Eric Da Silva and Patrick Shahgaldian and A W Coleman}, journal={International journal of pharmaceutics}, year={2004}, volume={273 1-2}, pages={57-62} }