Haematuria and urolithiasis in patients with haemophilia.


Recurrent haematuria was present in 18 of 474 moderate and severe haemophiliacs, the cause of which was found to be urolithiasis in six patients (33%). The prevalence of urolithiasis in haemophiliacs was found to be significantly higher than that reported from the general population, i.e. 4.5 of 10 000 population under 40 yr of age (odds ratio (OR) 23.4; 95… (More)


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@article{Ghosh2003HaematuriaAU, title={Haematuria and urolithiasis in patients with haemophilia.}, author={Kanjaksha Ghosh and Farah Jijina and Dipika Mohanty}, journal={European journal of haematology}, year={2003}, volume={70 6}, pages={410-2} }