Haemarthros induced articular cartilage degradation.

  title={Haemarthros induced articular cartilage degradation.},
  author={B{\'a}lazs Borsiczky and G Zadravecz and Elizabeth R{\"o}th},
  journal={Acta chirurgica Hungarica},
  volume={36 1-4},
The statement that blood in the articular cavity is cause of cartilage degradation is widely accepted as an axiom. Although the causes of the different articular diseases were explained in numerous studies, none of them has clarified the pathomechanism of haemarthrosis. Our aims were: 1/ to give a morphological description of the blood induced changes in the cartilage, 2/ to verify that the haemarthros is the cause of the cartilage degradation. 10 white rabbits were used in our experimental… CONTINUE READING