Haemagglutinins in argentinean leguminosae seeds.

  title={Haemagglutinins in argentinean leguminosae seeds.},
  author={Teodoro Mart{\'i}n Mart{\'i}n and G. Bomchil},
  journal={Vox sanguinis},
  volume={11 1},
Summary The agglutinating activity on human red cells of the seed extracts of 90 leguminosae species, indigenous and exotic to the Argentine Republic, were studied. The presence of an incomplete anti-H agglutinin in the Laburnum anagyroides is confirmed. Resume L'activite agglutinante sur les erythrocytes humaines des extraits de semences de 90 legumineuses d'origines indigene et exotique de la Republique Argentine a ete etudiee. Les auteurs confirment la presence d'une agglutinine… CONTINUE READING

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