Hadrian and Italica

  title={Hadrian and Italica},
  author={Ronald Sir Syme},
  journal={Journal of Roman Studies},
  pages={142 - 149}
  • R. Syme
  • Published 1 November 1964
  • History
  • Journal of Roman Studies
Italica in the province of Baetica is the ‘patria’ of the Aelii. Hadrian duly bears the tribe of that municipium, the ‘Sergia’. However, the place of a man's birth is not always the same as the legal ‘origo’ of his family. A child may see the light of day somewhere else, according to the rank and occupation of his parent. The consular historian, probably Narbonensian by his ‘patria’, might have been born at Augusta Treverorum or Colonia Claudia: a Cornelius Tacitus is on record as imperial… 

Hadrian to the Antonines

Hadrian's position as emperor was apparently far from secure. Hadrian is said to have played a personal role in the temple's design, one of many examples of his vaunted omniscience. Only Antoninus

Nerva to Hadrian

M. Cocceius Nerva's celebration of Divus Augustus on coins was to show his desire for continuity with the Julio-Claudians, and he was eventually buried in the Mausoleum of Augustus with those

Emperor, Senate and magistrates

The relationship between emperor and Senate was always the result of the tension between what the majority of senators thought the emperor should be, and what he really was, or could become: princeps

Syria and Arabia

This chapter discusses the four main aspects of the history of Roman provinces: the process of provincialization; the organization of the indigenous societies; the spread of the civic model and the

A Letter of Avidius Cassius

SUMMARY To major suggestions have been advanced about the text of SB 10295. First, that the letter is not complete; the text now extant constitutes the end of a letter written in a single column

Greek Narratives of the Roman Empire under the Severans: Cassius Dio, Philostratus and Herodian

"The political instability of the Severan Period (AD 193-235) destroyed the High Imperial consensus about the Roman past and caused both rulers and subjects constantly to re-imagine and re-narrate

Rome and Italy

Augustus had started the process of making Rome, as a matter of policy, a worthy capital of the world. Travelling to Rome, city of wonders in a land of wonders, was a special experience. In the world

Life and times

Jane Austen is one of the great writers of English literature because no reader and no period exhausts her books. Something always escapes from a reading while every reading enriches. Like the town

O século de ouro e a "adoção do melhor": considerações sobre a sucessão imperial durante o século II d.C.

Resumo: A sucessão imperial era uma condição sine qua non para a sobrevivência de uma dinastia no Império Romano. Se as duas primeiras dinastias romanas, Júlio-Claudiana e Flaviana, escolheram a

Los preparativos para la visita de Adriano a Hispania

Resumen En el año 2022 se celebra el 1900 aniversario de la visita del emperador Adriano a Hispania. La bibliografía científica ya ha estudiado este acontecimiento, aclarando muchos de los sucesos,



Forni o.c. 56. 61 There is another, and peculiar, meaning of ' adlectio ' in the Late Empire, namely exemption from holding the praetorship

  • The Later Roman Empire

591 : ' I must however insist that " Italica adlectio " means compulsory enlistment of those who had the status of " Italians " not only in North Italy but especially in Gaul and Spain

  • 1957

condemning also Hadr. 12, 4, says ' mi pare che nessun senso si possa ricavare dagli oscuri e mal compendiati passi della Hist

    Forni , condemning also Hadr . 12 , 4 , says ' mi pare che nessun senso si possa ricavare dagli oscuri e mal compendiati passi della Hist