Hadoop Based Big Data Traffic Handling in Ample Cellular Network

  • K.Aishwarya, Ms.B.M.Brinda
  • Published 2014


Big Data creates major problems with large-volume of traffic, growing data access, complex data sets with numerous, autonomous sources. With the quick development of networking, data storage, and also the data assortment capability, big data is currently increasing rapidly in science and engineering domains, as well as physical, biological and biomedical sciences. The size of those data will become impractical. Hence, in such cases, the analyst should be capable of specializing within the informational data while ignoring the noise data. These difficulties complicate the multichannel data analysis when compared with the analysis of single-channel data. Traffic management in internet is difficult because a large data set requires matching computing and storage resources. The proposed work provides security for traffic data in ample cellular network and big data traffic handling based on hadoop. Due to handling of large data in efficient manner, the proposed work provides model process high traffic data with high performance.

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