Hacia las unidades de bibliometría en las universidades: modelo y funciones

  title={Hacia las unidades de bibliometr{\'i}a en las universidades: modelo y funciones},
  author={D. Torres-Salinas and E. Jim{\'e}nez-Contreras},
  journal={Revista Espanola De Documentacion Cientifica},
In recent years, bibliometric indicators have been firmly established as a tool for research management and decision-making in the context of scientific policy. Spanish universities represent one sector that has seen signifi cant growth in the use of indicators. These institutions now find themselves in an ever more competitive environment and therefore have a greater need to have knowledge of the performance of their researchers. Against this background, this paper presents a proposal for the… Expand
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Diseño de un sistema de información y evaluación científica. Análisis ciencimétrico de la actividad investigadora de la Universidad de Navarra en el área de Ciencias de la Salud. 1999-2005
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Bibliometric indicators for the evaluation of universities—Intelligence from the quantitation of the scientific literature
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  • Political Science, Computer Science
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  • 2006
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