Habituation and inhibition of the crayfish lateral giant fibre escape response.

  title={Habituation and inhibition of the crayfish lateral giant fibre escape response.},
  author={Jeffrey J. Wine and Franklin B. Krasne and Luni Chen},
  journal={The Journal of experimental biology},
  volume={62 3},
1. Decrement of the lateral giant fibre escape response was studied in intact, restrained, crayfish and in those with the ventral nerve cord transected at the thoracic-abdominal level. 2. Taps (delivered at rates of 1 per 5 min to the abdomen) depressed responsiveness to about 50% of its inital value in 10 trials, for both intact and operated animals. 3. With additional stimulation, responsiveness dropped to near zero for both groups. Recovery was negligible 2 h later, but nearly complete after… CONTINUE READING
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