Habituation: effects of regular and stochastic stimulation.

  title={Habituation: effects of regular and stochastic stimulation.},
  author={Milan R. Dimitrijevic and J Faganel and Milan Gregoric and Peter Nathan and J. K. Trontelj},
  journal={Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry},
  volume={35 2},
The different effects of regular and stochastic stimulation on the flexor reflex of patients with the spinal cord totally divided and of normal subjects and on the blink reflex of normal subjects were studied.When the cutaneous stimulus was above but less than twice threshold, with regular stimulation habituation occurred; with stochastic stimulation, habitutaion either did not occur or it was minimal. Stochastic stimulation was at random stimulus intervals or with random stimulus intensities… CONTINUE READING