Habitat suitability of soils from a topographic gradient across the Fitzgerald River National Park for invasion by Phytophthora cinnamomi

  title={Habitat suitability of soils from a topographic gradient across the Fitzgerald River National Park for invasion by Phytophthora cinnamomi},
  author={Bryan L. Shearer and Christina E Crane},
  journal={Australasian Plant Pathology},
Habitat suitability for P. cinnamomi was compared between soils from the major soil groups of the Fitzgerald River National Park. Because of the mainly disease-free status of the National Park, only ex-situ testing was possible by Gradsect sampling of soils on a topographic gradient and determining the influence on disease expression in a shadehouse environment and stimulation of sporangium production in a controlled environment. The upper asymptote (Kmax), lag time (t½K) and intrinsic rate of… CONTINUE READING


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