Habitat fragmentation and biodiversity conservation: key findings and future challenges

  title={Habitat fragmentation and biodiversity conservation: key findings and future challenges},
  author={Maxwell C. Wilson and Xiao-yong Chen and Richard T Corlett and Raphael K. Didham and Ping Ping Ding and Robert D. Holt and Marcel Holyoak and Guang Hu and Alice Catherine Hughes and Lin Jiang and William F. Laurance and Jiajia Liu and Stuart L Pimm and S. K. Robinson and Sabrina E Russo and Xingfeng Si and David S. Wilcove and Jianguo Wu and Mingjian Yu},
  journal={Landscape Ecology},
Habitat loss and fragmentation has long been considered the primary cause for biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation worldwide, and is a key research topic in landscape ecology (Wu 2013). Habitat fragmentation often refers to the reduction of continuous tracts of habitat to smaller, spatially distinct remnant patches, and habitat loss typically occurs concurrently with habitat fragmentation (Collinge 2009). Although some habitats are naturally patchy in terms of abiotic and biotic… CONTINUE READING
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