Ha-DEF1, a sunflower defensin, induces cell death in Orobanche parasitic plants

  title={Ha-DEF1, a sunflower defensin, induces cell death in Orobanche parasitic plants},
  author={Axel de Z{\'e}licourt and Patricia Letousey and S{\'e}verine Thoiron and Claire Campion and Philippe Simoneau and Khalil Elmorjani and Didier Marion and Philippe Simier and Philippe Delavault},
Plant defensins are small basic peptides of 5–10 kDa and most of them exhibit antifungal activity. In a sunflower resistant to broomrape, among the three defensin encoding cDNA identified, SF18, SD2 and HaDef1, only HaDef1 presented a preferential root expression pattern and was induced upon infection by the root parasitic plant Orobanche cumana. The amino acid sequence deduced from HaDef1 coding sequence was composed of an endoplasmic reticulum signal sequence of 28 amino acids, a standard… CONTINUE READING


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