HVEM/LIGHT/BTLA/CD160 cosignaling pathways as targets for immune regulation.

  title={HVEM/LIGHT/BTLA/CD160 cosignaling pathways as targets for immune regulation.},
  author={M-L del Rio and Carrie L Lucas and L{\'e}o Buhler and Gina R. Rayat and Jos{\'e} I Rodriguez-Barbosa},
  journal={Journal of leukocyte biology},
  volume={87 2},
Immunosuppression is currently the treatment of choice to attenuate the chronic deterioration of tissue function as a result of the effector mechanisms of the immunological response in transplant rejection and autoimmune diseases. However, global immunosuppression greatly increases the risk of acquiring life-threatening infections and is associated with organ toxicity when used long-term. Thus, alternative approaches that inhibit only the unwanted immune responses and preserve general immunity… CONTINUE READING


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